Akebono Dental Clinic is a 3-minute walk from Shibuya station's West Exit and Hachiko Exit.
Our aim is to be a dental clinic that is accessible in terms of location and open to consultation at all times, even for trivial worries and concerns. Unlike other illnesses and injuries, dental conditions aren't cured with a single treatment procedure.
At times, it requires a few visits, if not ten.

“Accessible and Reliable”

There are two things that we value above all:

Trust and Assuredness.
Performing to the highest technical standards possible and giving trustworthy advice that puts the patient's well-being first.
Secondly, we place emphasis on creating an environment where you feel comfortable and reassured. My wish is to be the dentist that makes you, the patient, feel reassured, relaxed, and safe throughout the entire procedure. Finally, we place importance on carefully discussing the direction of treatment over time together.
At times, medical treatment that isn't covered by insurance is the best option for your particular condition. But if that happens to be the case, we will always inform you in advance about the time and cost.

5 Points

In addition, it’s important to take preventative care sessions at the dentist, even after your teeth are fully healed. This will ensure that your teeth won’t revert back to it’s damaged state and undo all of the recovery. Prevention and maintenance are lifelong processes that can infinitely improve your quality of life.

Preventative care and maintenance are things that we tend to put off and delay. But it is our pride and pleasure to be the reassuring and trustworthy dentist that can constantly be available to you in the short or long term.

1 Customized to suit your needs

At our clinic, we incorporate treatment plans that take into account not only your condition and pain, but also your lifestyle, work style, and family situations. Some dental clinics have a rigid system and schedule in which the patient must adjust to. However, our clinic is a place that put’s the patient’s lifestyle first.

2 Safety and Assuredness

In order to give our patient’s peace of mind and assure them that they are in good hands, we thoroughly audit the sterilization and hygiene of all treatment equipment to the highest possible standards. In addition, we prevent all risk of infection between patients by using only disposable products for each individual patient.

3 Tailor-made Treatment assembled over time

Our hospital doesn’t perform standard and typical treatments for all patients. We provide customized treatment in order to achieve the most painless and efficient results from the treatment procedure. It will take some time to ascertain which treatment suits your needs, but it will definitely be worthwhile.

4 Comprehensive & Versatile Examination

We are a dental clinic that has the expertise to perform not only treatment for periodontal disease and cavities, but also for other common and rare dental conditions. For instance, pediatric (children/infants) dentistry, whitening, aesthetic treatment (beauty), dentures, implant placement, preventative care, jaw adjustment, gum regeneration, and bad breath.
We also deal with orthodontic procedures and accept door-to-door consultations if necessary.

5 State of the Art CT Machines

Unlike X-Rays, which can only read two-dimensional images, we have dental CT scanners that are capable of taking three-dimensional images of tooth conditions and jawbones (starting in July 2020). Having this technology significantly enhances the safety, quality, and accuracy of implant placements, tooth extractions, treatment of periodontal disease, orthodontic treatment, etcetera.
Which goes back to our ethos, being safety and assuredness.


Message from the Director

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 院長 陣之内正俊 渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 院長 陣之内正俊 渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 院長略歴

Hello. My name is Masatoshi Jinnouchi, the director of this hospital. But you can call me Mark. What kind of impression do you typically have when hearing the word “dentist”? I imagine it’s something along the lines of “pain”, “discomfort”, “anxiety”, right? “Pleasure” and “safety” aren’t usually what comes to mind for most people. Our goal is to get rid of the typical anxiety that patients inevitably feel when receiving treatment and create the most relaxing and comfortable experience possible.

I take pride in eliminating anxiety and discomfort by paying attention to the finest details, making your treatment experience smoother and more relaxing than any other clinic.

Teeth don’t function and act in isolation. Even if we successfully treat one tooth, it will end up being meaningless if the surrounding teeth that bite down on one another are unhealthy. In other words, “A tooth is only as healthy as its neighbours.”

We consider the entire mouth and its teeth a single organ (known as one oral unit). We then create a treatment plan according to that, tailor-made specifically to your set of teeth.

We also believe that a hospital is only as good as the people working in it. A happy working environment will always produce the best customer service. Therefore, we first make sure to take good care of our staff and ensure that all staff ranging from hygienists, assistants, and receptionists feel comfortable working in our environment.

In addition to constantly pursuing higher standards in treatment, I believe in the importance of having not only the best hands for the task but also the best tools for the task. Therefore, I make it our priority to introduce and implement the latest dental equipment and machinery to perform the most advanced and effective treatment possible.
Preventative care is one of our specialities. So, unlike hospitals that send you home after the treatment is done, we make sure to be there for you in the long-term, whenever you need us.

Even healthy people need to visit the dentist for the rest of their lives. All of our staff members are fully devoted to providing lifelong support to our patients.
We look forward to working with you. STAFF

Requests to Patients

1. Please brush your teeth as thoroughly as possible before coming to the clinic. Additionally, if you are wearing lipstick, it would be greatly appreciated if you could remove it beforehand.
2. Please bring your insurance card with you when visiting our clinic for the first time. Additionally, we have to check the validity of your insurance card every month. So please bring your card on the first visit of each month as well. Finally, please bring your new insurance card after renewal. Basically, we recommend you bring your insurance card every time, just in case.
3. To maintain your oral health, make sure to come to the hospital regularly until your condition is completely cured. Additionally, we highly recommend regular checkups after the treatment is finished.
4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.
5. There are times in which emergency patients must be treated before others. Once again, thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.


渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 歯科用CT
CT Scanners

Our clinic has dental CT scanners that are capable of taking three-dimensional images of the teeth and jawbone. This allows us to perform much more accurate and effective treatment pertaining to implants, orthodontics (brace), and periodontal. Additionally, the amount of radiation received has been reduced by 10-25% compared to that of conventional X-ray machines.

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 マイクロスコープ

Microscopes are stereomicroscopes that have been used in other fields such as neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and cosmetic surgery. In our clinic, we implement the use of microscopes that can magnify the target area by 5 or 20 times the original view. When performing root canal therapy or implant treatment, microscopes with increased magnification capabilities help to ensure the best treatment possible.

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 ピエゾサージェリー(超音波骨形成機)
Piezo-Surgery (Ultrasonic Osteogenesis Machine)

This machine uses ultrasonic vibrations to penetrate hard tissue such as bone.
Compared to conventional methods, the bone damage is minimal and treatment time can be shortened significantly. It comes in handy when used for implant placement, wisdom tooth extraction, bone grafting, and other treatment procedures.

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 インプランター

The implanter controls the rotation velocity of the drill and helps to accurately drill a hole in the jawbone before placing the implant body. While it is possible to drill the hole by hand, people will inevitably make mistakes from time to time. By using the implanter, it is possible to more or less eliminate any possibility of implantation error.

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 CO2(炭酸ガス)レーザー
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Laser

We have a laser that uses carbon dioxide with a powerful bactericidal effect. We can sterilize bacteria from periodontal disease deeply and get rid of the darkened areas of the gum to create a beautiful pink colour.

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 口腔内カメラ
Intraoral Camera

By attaching a sensor-type CCD camera to the tip, we can take a picture of every single corner of the mouth, including the areas that are normally difficult to capture. This enables the most accurate diagnosis possible.

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 Ni-Tiロータリーファイル
Nickel Titanium Rotary File (Ni-Ti)

Up until this point, the dental nerve treatment has traditionally been performed by hand to remove bacterially infected tooth nerves and pulp with stainless steel tools. At our hospital, we use nickel
At our hospital, we use nickel titanium equipment (known as Ni-Ti rotary file) to remove those infected nerves and pulp electrically.
Nickel-titanium is elastic and can scrape around the bent parts of the tooth root, enabling a much more precise and thorough treatment.

渋谷 あけぼの歯科医院 口腔外バキューム
Extraoral Vacuum

When receiving dental treatment such as sharpening teeth or denture adjustment, the debris from your teeth, metal fragments from the dentures, bacteria remains, etcetera become fine dust and scatter over the treatment site.
To guarantee a clean post-treatment, we absorb the fine dust with an extraoral vacuum with a powerful suction force designed to prevent such dust and debris from scattering and spreading.